An image of hiring facilities.


This situation is fluid and can change at any time – our Facebook page will show the most up to date and accurate guidance. 

Beacons Equestrian has a duty of care to our staff and customers. Please respect our rules and take them seriously or you will be asked to leave.

Clients must NOT attend Beacons if they: 

• Have need to self-isolate  • Are in a household that are self-isolating  • Are feeling unwell   



• You must respect social distancing at all times 

• There is ample parking. Please use all space available and park away from other vehicles. 

• There will be hand sanitizing at the gate into the outdoor arena which must be used when entering and exiting the arena. 

• One rider and one assistant per horse, please adhere to government guidelines

   must all be from the same household or can be 2 individuals from separate households but social distancing must be respected. 

• Clients must arrive and leave promptly - never wait around to chat/watch 

   Please ensure you arrive with plenty of time to make a prompt start in the arena.

   Do not warm up in any other area. Do not run over your time slot. 

• All poo to be picked up in arena and car park (gloves to be worn when handling the equipment)

• Show jumping course must be left ready for next hire - poles on cups, fences left at 80cms approx,

  and please do not change the positioning of the “track” - please ensure you wear gloves when handling any equipment and fences.

  Please ensure that Safety cups are used on the back rails of spread fences  *NO LUNGEING IN THE ARENA - there is a lunge pen if you need to*

  • If using the cross country fences please wear Body protectors and a skull cap to current standard. All cross country fences are flagged and must be jumped from the correct direction

• All use of facilities is at your own risk. 

• Please report any breakages. 

• Anyone taking payment in return for instructing, offering advice or help (instructors) MUST have valid insurance. 

• Clients are responsible for ensuring they exercise their horses within their capabilities and fitness levels for them and their horse 



Primary vaccinations with 12 month boosters.  Always carry your horse’s passport.   

These measures have been put in place for the benefit and safety of everyone - please take them seriously as non-compliance will force us to ask you to leave

Main Arena with Show Jump course

60m x 30m Arena no jumps

20m x40m Arena no jumps

Main Arena with Dressage Boards 20m x 40m

Main arena with dressage boards 20m x 60m

Arena Eventing Course

30 x 60m arena with jumps